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Mind Matters

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About Mind Matters

Mind Matters Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin are a team with stellar credentials in both the academic and clinical or transformational fields related to their acclaimed NeuroCoding© process. They have inspired so many to achieve mind strength, life balance, personal empowerment and a good life in every sense of the word. They constantly and consistently promote sustainable thinking in everyday life.

Mind Matters has a multi-dimensional approach that delves deeply into relationships, our common humanity, ancient cultures, species survival, neuroscience, neuro-linguistics, psychology and psychotherapy. This amalgam directly translates into highly effective podcasts, workshop and training processes for business leaders, especially those belonging to the Small to Medium Enterprise sector.

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Imagine What
Mind Mastery Gives You

Just imagine having a clarity of purpose, vision and inspiration and being able to use these specifically for business with total positivity. Or getting back an all-encompassing balance and purpose to life.

Imagine seeing money as part of a flow or process of freedom and liberation, a process you find in yourself. Mind Matters podcasts and retreats will help you find it.

Mind Mastery is an ancient human dream found in all civilisations past and present. Today, it has more or less faded into the background noise.

Bringing back awareness, mastery and practise of mind discipline is Catherine and Rex’s ultimate passion. What you will find in their programs is a wealth of strategies and techniques to shape your own life and business success.

For Mind Matters, mastering the mind is an achievable reality that is at once powerful and invigorating.

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Intensive studies with skilled mentors in a one to one environment enables you to directly shape your personal growth and development


Online Self Study

This is a finely crafted option that gives you freedom to explore options and to train yourself as an elite performer


Mindset Mastery Retreats

This can be your portal to that once in a lifetime adventure of life and the imagination which includes the 10 dimensions of wealth


Developing Business Cultures

Develop a company culture that has unity, sharing, happiness and responsibility as its core drivers


Adventure Journeys

Fine tune your inner explorer through a real journey to exotic locations whose ancient customs still exist outside time and history


Ancient Wisdom Retreat

Reflect. Reset. Recharge. The three R's of a wellness retreat in the natural perfection of Bali and its sculpted hillside rice fields

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