self-made well-being guru Kym Power

If we talk about woman power in Australian business, one of the most unique independent success stories is that of Kym Power. We are really excited about this latest interview with a well-being guru who knows how and why her core values remain unchanged. Her practical anchor and love for her work belong to a state of mind that has driven success for her business in the field of health and well-being.

Twenty-six years ago, she was a young hairdresser who was interested in massage therapy. The hook from that time was a genuine interest to deliver wellness to patients and clients through massage services. She was not typical because business growth was not something she really focused on.

So how did she manage to grow her business (Rejuvenators Massage) into a company with national reach and hundreds of satisfied four and five star hotel partners across Australia and abroad? It was a symbiotic process: as she grew in experience so did her company’s stature.

Along the way, especially in times when the road was rocky, she turned to personal development coaches. She finally found a set of coaches who founded Mind Matters, stuck to their program and her approach to business has not been the same since. This is in a very positive and practical sense that fits into her vision and craft. 

One of her favourite retreats in the Mind Matters Menu is Design Your Destiny, a business development process for goal-setting and actualisation. This retreat is really for independent-minded business owners like her who have visions and unique ideas of their own, providing them a foundation for working out business success on their own terms.

Today, Kym is a highly respected businesswoman with a down to earth approach to life whose personal clients include many celebrities, like Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga and Richard Branson. This conversation with Mind Matters mentor Catherine Connolly glows with Kym’s mind and spirit. People interested in success of any kind will learn much from this conversation between two women whose friendship is continually renewed on a shared passion for providing well-being to those in need. 

Episode Highlights

      • The journey that started 26 years ago.

      • How Kym’s masseuse business grew from a single mobile number and calling up clients personally and asking for work.

      • Fast forward to today, with over 800 four and five star hotel partners, national call centre and international team. 

      • Meeting and making friends with phenomenal celebrity clients.

      • The self-discipline inherent in all success stories.

      • Discussion of the tall poppy “industry” in Australia.

      • Behind the scenes, stresses in the wellness business, getting out of the ego thing and concentrating on the essentials like motivating employees.

      • How putting time into personal development on the professional level grows your life and business.

      • Thoughts on the mindset of this day and age, of just running to doctors for meds when the situation becomes uncomfortable.

      • How being aware of the inner workings of your mind is mission-critical.

      • Insights on the “big journey” and finding her true identity, leading in the field of wellness and such.

      • Being female and what this means in the struggle and the journey to success.

      • Self-worth, strength, and work on the female side of things.

      • Her favourite of wellbeing workshops, Design Your Destiny, and how it provided clarity in goal setting for many aspects of her life.

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Women who are successful in business are not common. Catherine Connolly from Mind Matters and I discuss this topic, among others, in this podcast interview. Viewed from the female perspective, success in business is actually part of a process of nurture and growth, of personal development and self-discipline -- and this kind of success is something I think should be more common for women. - Kym Power #well-beingguru #wellness #designyourdestiny #richardbranson #ladygaga #tonyrobbins #mindmatters

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