Adapting Your Mindset to Grow With Your Business

Creating a business is basically like an endurance test. A lot of things need to be considered before you get going in order to make it work. 

This is often a solo quest because it starts as an idea in your mind then requires a lot of energy to begin to grow. When we create the appropriate intention, attention and strategy, it does just that. It grows and usually then begins to involve other people. They might be external consultants or experts or new team members or family, but it will start to create its own momentum and profit and will hopefully flourish. 

It takes a huge amount of effort, attention and energy to get something underway and your mindset plays a key part in its success or otherwise. Sometimes we stay in the same mindset and activity that started the business when its way into a growth stage or even into longevity.

No matter what stage you are at in your business, whether it's a startup or you've been in business for many years, it can be very useful to take note of your mindset and think about whether you’ve upgraded it or not over time. 

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Grow and learn with the business

The way of thinking that started the business - all the stress and frustration, tension and concerns about money et cetera, can embed itself in your attitude and the way in which you operate far longer than it should if you and your business are to grow. 

Imagine what would happen if you had your first child, which usually happens without much experience and needs an incredible amount of attention and nurturing. Your time and energy in learning to do what you haven't done before takes a fair bit of effort. If you kept putting in this same amount of energy and time when they were five years old or 20 years old, you would be absolutely exhausted. You would also be out of sync with the needs that are currently more appropriate for the child. In fact, you'd be suffocating their potential.

That’s exactly what you can unintentionally do to your business. Often, people start a business using all the skills, energy and time they have. It becomes a very focused activity to ensure that it actually becomes a profitable business that can grow and sustain itself and the lifestyle of the owner and whoever else is involved. 

In starting a business, it needs most of your attention to begin to find its own niche and solutions for others in the world. The infancy of a business, just like a newborn, can give you sleepless nights, overtax your energy and constantly cause worrying or wondering about how to improve.

During this phase, it’s easy to get into the habit of not making the time or energy to take really good care of yourself. That can mean anything from taking the time to relax, socialise, or pay attention to your relationships. The things that fueled you and were important to you as an individual can get put on hold for a while. 

It might be useful to check if you're doing that. You might find you actually have a business that needs you to step back a little bit. Your attention and time become a habit of how you think and use your energy. 

The creation stage of business is just the first season - the spring, if you like, when new ideas are becoming tangible, seeds are planted and need nourishment from us and a lot of attention.

Take time for yourself in business

The stress of wondering if you'll make it can sometimes stick around far longer than it should. Instead, you will probably find that you’ve already built the capacity to take on a new role in the business. This is when you summon up the courage to create and lead a team, delegating work so you can concentrate on other things. 

This won’t be the case for everyone yet, it all depends on what stage you’re at in the business. But, everyone will benefit from switching up their strategies and managing their stress so the business can flourish. 

How much time are you giving back to yourself and your family? How are you ensuring you and your business can sustain and grow? Who do you need to engage to help you weather the inevitable challenges of business? You have a great skill and ability that made you begin your enterprise, but who do you need to become now? Is it the same or not? 

Manage your business in line with the seasons

As with the seasons, it is natural that your businesses will probably go into what feels like autumn at some point, when things sort of settle a bit and it's not necessarily growing new shoots or new profits. Perhaps because you have to employ more people or consultants to sustain the growth and move it ahead. And the growth of the profits start to die off with new expenses. It’s easy to wonder why you bother trying at all. 

I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but it's a natural phenomenon. You and the business are part of the natural world that changes, grows and resets. You do need time to rethink and move in a different direction every now and then, to capitalise on the next spring and summer of new growth in your business. 

It's important to recognise this, that from wherever you started, things have grown. Things have changed, you've adapted, you've served people, you've provided solutions. It's just the nature of life and business that you're dealing with. Don’t forget that. 

Don’t stick with bad patterns

It’s a common theme with our clients. They often forget that they are doing much better than they were when they started and that they've learned a lot. 

They have different challenges to solve, yet are often using the same old strategies that leave them overworked, frustrated and overwhelmed, just as they were in the beginning, instead of taking the time they need to relax and enjoy their accomplishments. 

Like everything a business needs maintenance, new ideas and leadership. But a leader cannot lead if they are still engaged in the business as they were in the beginning, 24/7. They need time to think about new ideas for the business, and that’s something that can't be done in a state of stress. 

Those business owners who manage to scale their business usually get help with thinking outside their usual neurological pattern. Your own neurological patterns, as brilliant as they are, often need a different set of questions and strategies than you currently have in order to create the next step forward. So getting outside your own head needs to happen quite regularly in order to be able to gain new perspectives that allow you to open up to new opportunities.

In the next few days, take a little time for yourself, relax a little bit and then take an hour or two to think deeply. Have a think about what the most important thing is right now for you and your business, what season you think your business is in the moment, and who has the best expertise to take it to the next level. Is it you, or someone else?

Really ask yourself questions like that over and over, because the more you ask the questions, the deeper level of thinking your brain will be able to perform. It might even come up with the most amazing idea. An exciting, fascinating thing that really gets you motivated. 

Let us know if you need any help changing up your thoughts and mindset.



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A business needs maintenance, new ideas and leadership. A leader can’t lead if they are involved 24/7. They need time to think of new ideas for the business, and that’s something that can't be done in a state of stress. #MindMatters #Mindset #Business

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