Adventure Journeys

You have the opportunity to be included in the most awe inspiring adventures in exotic locations.

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…become a reality in your life and you could find yourself on an island lost in time where ancient traditions and rituals are still practised without the interruption of a fast paced world.

Your desire to get away from busy-ness, phones, demands, noise and interruptions could be replaced by being perfectly lost in a wilderness with mentors and guides introducing you to ancient wisdom, thrill rides, peace, relaxation, sunsets, inspiring views and brilliant companionship.

Imagine hanging out with tribesmen and women, eating amazing foods, travelling up and down rivers, being lost in another time zone like explorers of old. Rex Urwin and a team of guides are setting off in 2020 on a series of thrilling adventures. Are you ready or not?

The nature of the journeys for 2020 will be announced in the next few months and will include a journey into Indonesian Borneo or Kalimantan.A documentary film was made on our last adventure and we were so excited we have decided to make a public journey into this region. You will discover a world that very few Western people have ever been to and you will travel with the Dayak Kenyah people who are the sacred keepers of these forests. You require an invitation to enter Tanah Olen or the hidden forest and it is an incredible privilege.It is through our many years of building a relationship that we are welcome here and we would like to bring you to this sustainable place on planet Earth.

Mind Matters members have a wonderful opportunity for an invitation to this extraordinary journey and deeply transforming adventure. interested??

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