Interview with BJ Connolly: Understanding Autism Spectrum

Understanding Spectrum Autism: Interview with BJ Connolly

BJ Connolly, young and happy, is a successful Brisbane comedian who is getting more famous day by day. He has worked hard for success, but goes through life with a joyful perspective. This despite his having autism spectrum which includes Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD.  In this interview, Rex Urwin, Mind Matters managing director discusses many dimensions[…] …

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The Joy and Spiritual Strength for Living: an Interview with Carmen Taylor

Carmen Taylor interview, featured image: The Joy and Spiritual Strength for Living

Dealing with loss is one thing in which no two person’s responses are quite the same. For Carmen Taylor, losing her husband in a motorcycle accident was undoubtedly painful, but her responses are geared toward positive outcomes. The sudden arrival of news about her husband’s death was a shock, but well established beliefs and character[…] …

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