Are You Building A Business To Last?

While holidaying in Europe we had the opportunity to visit Sainte-Chapelle, a 13th century Gothic church in Paris near Notre Dame, one of many hundreds of stunning churches throughout Europe. Apart from its beauty, it also inspired me to think about ‘the work’ that went into it, and how the results and impact of that work still live on today.

Many of us stop to marvel at the incredible architecture and artisanship of this era, and the time and effort that went in to design and create exquisite works like these. Works that leave people awestruck at the vision and the execution, even centuries after the last stone was laid.

Imagine what your business could become if you ‘designed’ and built it with the same precision as these architects did centuries ago.

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Imagine if you took the time to create something of beauty, to create a business and a lifestyle of beauty. What if you took the time to slowly and elegantly create something with a beautiful structure and abundance that lasts forever, that lasts as a legacy.

Churches like Sainte-Chapelle weren’t built in a hurry. They weren’t rushed. They were built to last.

A life that is worth recording, that is worth journaling, is worth taking the time to build also.

So give some consideration to the time you're taking to build something worth having. It's beyond money. It's beyond building abundance in terms of your own game in the short to medium term.

In Europe we also noticed that it’s not just the churches that last a long time. Businesses do too. So many businesses are handed down from generation to generation. They have been built to last, with a legacy of collective knowledge and wisdom that’s passed on to each successive generation.

These are businesses that last a long time because they take the time to play the long game.

Are you building a business to last?


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Are you building a business to last? Businesses that last a long time do so because they take the time to play the long game. #MindForBusiness #NLP #Entrepreneurship

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