What Is A Culture Finding Purpose With Your Business

I’m blessed to be able to spend time soaking up the traditional Balinese culture, as I have done for many years now. From my journey that I’ve travelled so far, I’ve also come to know the native Dayak people of Kalimantan, Borneo, and the people devoting their lives to supporting others and things they believe in. 

One thing I’ve come to realise is that all these people have complete ownership and absolute commitment to the cause they believe in. 

We’ll be exploring this in more detail with a series of interviews. But for now, we want to take a look at selflessness and the human spirit and the correlation with your business, career and families. 

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You are a culture

There are many different cultures around the world, but let’s not forget that you are a culture in yourself. Just like any other, that culture also requires preservation to sustain its journey – to be able to uphold its tradition, its essence and its values. 

Your business, your family and your life in general is a culture based on principles and wisdoms, be they ancient or contemporary. They are a framework for a cause, a purpose, a journey. Your life. 

But like all great journeys, there will be obstacles. You will be tested by challenges that will seem near impossible. On the other hand, you’ll also enjoy some of life’s incredible joy. Maybe it’ll be when you have a great month of business, or receive an award. 

Recognising the parallels

I spent two weeks with the Dayak people who are devoted to protecting their beautiful country which is under threat from deforestation. Around 50% of Borneo’s rainforests have been destroyed by mining. People have been disenfranchised and pushed away from their villages where they have thousands of years of history. They are being torn away from their language and their stories. 

When I witnessed this – the beauty of them living off the land, their understanding of the jungle and their history – I recognised the parallel between our clients’ lives and theirs. We try to forge a journey through business. 

I want you to consider the depth of purpose of your business and your life. Just take a minute to notice what you really are a part of. If there are times when you think it’s not worth it or it’s too hard, or your business is under threat because of cash flow, think about what’s really at stake. Inside humanity there is a deep essence; there is a calling.

Forging your purpose

Yes, you are building a business to have a great lifestyle. Yes, you are building a business to have a choice, but that is a cultural thing. It is a mechanism for you to build deep sustainability and values and purpose and beliefs and vision. 

You are forging your purpose with your business. It’s not something you just want to wander through aimlessly. It is something that you choose to express and build upon.

To do that takes work, especially through connections with others. Join together, cooperate, share and learn and move into this rapidly changing, artificially intelligent, amazing space.

You’ve been given the authority to think and the capacity to make choices. To immerse and join in on the journey that is life; to become the keepers of this planet, of our families, of our businesses and of each other. 

Why? Because that’s what you’re here for. That’s what human culture is. 

So take a moment to stop and observe your business. What does it do? How does it serve you and others? Give consideration to the deeper meaning of that culture and its sustainability. Make sure you provide the strength and belief needed to go through those hard times and celebrate those times when it’s awesome. 

Really dig deep into what you’re doing with your business, with your life, with your family, and with your partner, et cetera. It can’t be repeated; it’s sacred ground. So please treat it as such! 


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