How To Survive The Ups And Downs Of Business

For entrepreneurs, executives and small to medium business owners, business and day-to-day life can often be a bit of an endurance race. It’s key to be able to reset and refocus quickly, however it’s not always easy for some.

In this episode, Rex chats to British extreme sports lover Pete. His love of alpine skiing and climbing, and a background in the military, means he has learned some valuable life lessons that can serve you well in the unpredictable world of business.

This interview was made possible through our connections with high level elite military operations personnel. Pete's last name has been withheld as he is still an active operative.

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Listen to the podcast here or continue reading below.

Episode highlights:

  • A bit on Pete’s background - joined the Royal Marines in 1994 and served 10 years in various countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland and Sierra Leone

  • Pete’s work as a military contractor for the past 15 years - Private Security Detail

  • How Pete manages emotion and pressure

  • Failure is a challenge in life - be happy being you

  • Pete’s education in the remote highlands of Scotland where everything revolved around the outdoors

  • Boarding school is not always privilege - Pete thinks it’s a miserable experience

  • Always look for improvement, not the problem

  • Practice makes permanent - always practice your skills if you can to improve

  • Pete’s advice to business owners - have courage in your convictions

  • Having courage isn’t easy

  • Why Pete doesn’t like civilian life - it’s too mundane; not enough variety

  • Where Pete gets his satisfaction from - he loves to serve and help people

  • A story about Pete’s grandfather - a Spitfire pilot and time spent in a German war camp

  • Being able to compartmentalise your life so you can put a strategy into place

  • Life isn’t a perfect journey


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“What keeps you alive? Correct planning, preparation and a good mindset.” - Pete #MindMatters #Business #Entrepreneur

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