Grow Your Business The Surprising Benefits Of Taking Time Out

​If you’re a leader or a business owner, chances are you spend your time running around trying to get everything done. Being busy is good, but it’s important to take time out for yourself.We often find that people don’t give themselves enough time to stop. Being always busy can lead to stress and an inability to take the time your body and mind needs. Your emotions need time out too.Fail to do that, and you won’t be thinking effectively and your business could suffer. When you first get into business, or even just start a new career path, it’s easy to join the rat race. There will always be common stopping points along the way – like weekends or at the end of each day – but what about stopping altogether?We’re taking a look at what it really means to stop and just be still and the effects it can have on your role as a leader

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The never ending rat race

In our line of work, we encourage clients to reflect on their journey, looking at it from the very beginning. Whichever business you may be in, your journey on that career path is a lot like the journey of a new life.

In the first trimester, you’re busy growing a body, but there is full potential. In the second trimester, comes this understanding of the form and development of sensory awareness. Then you get to the third trimester and have this overwhelming sense of needing more space in initiating childbirth or turning up in a world that has conditions, players and different personalities. So you’re busy trying to work it all out, trying to learn and trying to negotiate. It’s never ending.

Then comes the adolescence phase where the pressure of figuring everything out and surviving kicks in. As you reach young adulthood, you slip into more serious relationships and careers and new friendships. All the while you’re worrying if you’ll make it in your career, whether you’re good enough, what your next step is, et cetera. Until you realise you haven’t really stopped.

So wherever you are reading this, just stop and take a deep breath. Give yourself permission to step off the hamster wheel and take yourself out of the rat race. Leave everything to one side and allow yourself to relax. Be present just for you.

Design your career, design your life

We all choose to start businesses or professional careers for different reasons, but we each choose a pathway. Maybe you chose something you really love doing. Or you work hard so your business can give you the lifestyle you want.

Without taking regular downtime, it’s very difficult to gain a new perspective on your business and on your life. You get so stuck in the day-to-day and become blind to the potential opportunities. You can’t implement new strategies effectively or see new pathways, or step back as an investor would, because you are under stress.

As we’ve said many times, great lives are designed. If you don’t design this into your model, it won’t exist. It’ll be random.

We have clients with generational businesses who are at the stage where they have to step down. Many other business owners are looking to include that in the design of their future, too.

What tends to happen though, is that people don’t stop. They don’t allow themselves to even have proper breaks away from the business because they didn’t put it in the plan.

There are a number of benefits from stopping strategically and intermittently. It might be that you take one day a week to have to yourself. Or you might only work three days a week. Or take a set period of time off each year.

Unless it’s designed into the structure of your business, it’ll either not happen or it’ll happen without structure and planning, which in turn just causes extra stress.

Create your ideal financial year

We want you to take the chance to think about what your ideal next 12 months would look like. We’ll be discussing this in more depth at the Design Your Destiny retreat towards the end of this year.

For now, think about what times of the year are your most intense. Where are the opportunities for you to have some time out? Where in the week can you take some time to rejuvenate in nature?

Also start to think about time with your family and friends as well as taking time to yourself. It will allow you to come into your true nature more regularly, which allows you to open up and really enjoy the opportunities available rather than seeing it as more work.

According to research, people who take time off strategically every year, or take intermittent time off, generate more income and better performance than those who keep ploughing on.

If you just keep working through it all, life is going to become pretty dull. It’s inevitable that performance will drop. You need to stop, celebrate the wins, train, retreat, reexamine strategies and move forward.

We want you to go away and answer this question: why did I set up my business?

If you really search for the answer, you’ll begin to facilitate a way of living that incorporates the ten dimensions of wealth. That will bring balance and happiness.

And true happiness comes from nurturing yourself. Breathe in, breathe out and be present.


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