Business Maintenance How To Stay On Top Of The Mountain And Free Your Mind

As we prepare for our upcoming September retreat, ‘Staying On Top Of The Mountain’, we’re taking a look at what it means in relation to business.

The concept of ‘staying on top of the mountain’ is poignant in all areas of life, but especially when it comes to starting, maintaining and leading a small business.

Once you have your business up and running, you build on that and grow and establish a solid share in your chosen market. As with anything, it needs to be maintained if you want to remain stable and successful.

But, let’s think about it for a minute. What is actually at the top of the mountain? And how do we get there? Is it based on one achievement in life or in business? Or is it a series of continuous, never-ending achievements? The Japanese have a word for this: ‘kaizen’ – activities that continuously improve everything that all employees undertake, no matter their level.

It’s important to maintain your business to ensure it can hold you and your employees up as you elevate and grow but it can be easy to overlook  businesses foundations.

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Build a structure and keep up the maintenance

Many business owners are so busy concentrating on the end goal, on which position they want to reach, that they forget to maintain the positions previously created and achieved. When this happens, it’s easy for things to break and businesses often end up plateaued. They can’t grow to the next level because a piece has disappeared due to a lack of maintenance.

The problem is that if we’re to build mountains continuously, staying on top of them is really about maintaining the world we are continuously evolving. It is about maintaining that which we have previously established and looking after it in order to be able to continuously grow and sustain.

It’s all very well to build a structure, a business, and do it well but if you don’t continually maintain the structure, the damage will be done before you even realise and when you do, it’ll be too late.

Make your business work for you and your team

Everybody wants their business to serve them in the best way. It has become top of most business owners’ lists over the years. The dream is to be able to leave the business in the hands of your employees and for it to continue ticking over and building.

Unfortunately, if the structure isn’t solid and isn’t maintained, you won’t get far. Too many owners have left their business in the hands of others and come back to find everything has gone pear shaped.

What tends to happen is owners will pay great attention to their team early on in the journey and notice who needs to be moved and what skills are needed to build their team and the business. Then, when the business goes in a different direction, their attention on the needs of their team can be lost.

So it’s important to take the time to have discussions with your team to ensure you all move forward together, and therefore create a high-performing team, or things will start to slip away.

Concentrating on the finer details of business

It’s key that you make time to check what’s working and what is valuable in the main areas of your business and life. From there you can determine how regularly you need to check in and notice the details of what is happening. Don’t just concentrate on whether you’re making profit or whether the numbers are climbing. It’s all in the details.

Usually, it’s leadership and emotional support that go out the window. While it’s not completely forgotten, the attention those things need in order for the business to maintain itself, drops.

Some businesses also end up focusing their attention on new business, sales and turnover, profit and adding new products, and forget to maintain the established clients once they come onboard.

Often, clients are initially excited about working with the business and suddenly find they’re not being supported in the way that was promised.

So ask yourself, what are we doing to maintain? What are we doing to pay attention to areas that are already established? What are we doing with equipment? What are we doing with people?

Refocus your attention

It’s easy to lose sight of all the little things that have been put in place as you grow because you’re so focused on the new. So pay attention and be aware of your staff and their well-being as well as paying attention to the structure of your business.

Checking in on your business regularly shouldn’t just be about checking on the staff, either. Lift up the bonnet, so to speak, and check that your website is working properly, check the wording is still relevant, check your adverts and ensure everything is up to date.

And don’t forget to check in with yourself. Review your own performance in terms of mindset, beliefs and general wellbeing. Are you calm? Are you comfortable? Are you communicating at your best? Or are you so busy focused on one outcome that you’re forgetting some of the things that actually support that outcome coming into place?

Rather than waiting until an alarm bell goes off, simply tune in and pay attention because it serves you well.

We’ll be talking through various ways you can do this at our upcoming ‘Staying On Top Of The Mountain’ workshop. Come along for business tips and advice.

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