Catherine Connolly

Catherine is a specialist mentor in Leadership, Human Relationships and high level communication strategies.

She has a Masters in Education, a Counselling Degree, Post Grad Dip in Mediation,  Bachelor of Metaphysics, Master trainer in Neuro Linguistics, strategic psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis as well as tertiary studies in biochemistry and neuroscience.

Catherine has lectured at QUT, Australian College of Applied Psychology and spoken at multiple industry conferences in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Catherine Connelly 2021

Q & A with Catherine

What do I think the world needs more of?

I think the world needs more compassion; not just for others but towards ourselves too.  One of the biggest lessons I think we need to learn in life is we are enough.  We’re good enough, we’re smart enough, pretty enough, handsome enough and just enough enough. 

At Mind Matters of course we’re here to mentor others in business and life to create and develop a high performance mindset but most importantly to ensure we also realise and create thought patterns that on any given day we believe we are enough.

In my own moments of adversity or self-doubt what is my go-to to lift myself up?

I have a very science based background in psychotherapy, biochemistry and neuroscience, psychology but we’re all human! I’m also very in-tune with soul based mastery so when you mix the two it’s life mastery on steroids!

As I often say though, the only constant is change and whether that’s good or bad change, life’s natural ebbs and flows will always throw new challenges and curve balls. We just have to learn how to navigate and master our reactions to it.

My go-to is getting out into nature, grounding myself and channeling the energy of life beneath and above and checking in what’s good for my soul.  I practice the art of breath that allows me to breathe in life and breathe out or exhale the energetic patterns of negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes that are triggering my negative emotions.  It’s incredibly powerful and believe me once you have created these reinvigorating habits you find that those feelings of adversity come and go very quickly and with ease.  It’s incredibly liberating and freeing.

What are some of my own traits I’m proud of?

I’m nothing if not resilient! 

I’m obsessed with mastering the multiplicity of our true powerful nature because I have first hand experience, as well as mind blowing experiences watching others transform and shift their own lives. My work is not just my work; it is my purpose and my calling to help others live a more meaningful, connected and sustainable harmonious life. I couldn’t be more grateful that this is what I was called to do.

Catherine's Background

As the founder of Mind Matters, Catherine has been activating people to fulfill their human potential for more than 25 years through personalised and targeted one on one coaching, in real life and online workshops,  transformational online training programs and self access resources, all designed to support personal and professional growth, success and fulfillment.

As a gifted content creator, Catherines’ resources and online programs assist people in identifying their hidden potential, overcome self limiting beliefs, rewire their brains through a groundbreaking practice called NeuroCoding© and empower them to spend more time in their most productive flow of creative consciousness.

She has worked closely with Ancient Cultures facilitating workshops designed to bring a deeper understanding, interculturally for sustainable thinking.

“My work takes you on a journey of self actualization where you are taught to harness all of your hidden or dormant psychological resources and surface them to become completely focused and engaged, so that you can make your personal and professional life all that it can be. This also allows the development of important tools and strategies for sustainable change, leadership and empowering your team. ”

Through Mind Matters, Catherine offers a wide range of personalised services including:

  • Leadership transformation courses
  • High level mentoring
  • Personal coaching
  • Courses in mindset management
  • Online courses of self discovery
  • Mediation
  • Relationship programs
  • Unleashing your hidden potential retreats in Australia and Bali
  • NeuroCoding© training and skills facilitation

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