awakening the conscious heart

Studies show that the need for love and relationships is hard-wired in the human brain and Mind Matters extends this further by saying that love is an awakening of the conscious heart. 

Love is arguably the most powerful force in our human universe, and it relates to the totality of nature and how we move in it. When going smoothly, a relationship keeps things light and buoyant. When rocky, the whole world becomes a harsh and even violent place. Nothing seems to be worthwhile. 

Virtually everyone accepts the state of their relationships as “natural” even when they are in an unbalanced state of discord. 

So, how do we become masters of our emotions? It actually starts in our subconscious, where much of our drive for love resides. It is where the tempests of emotions come. But these tempests are unnecessary -- in fact, the subconscious should be where calm, openness and sustainable, balanced thinking ideally start.

Releasing your fears is the first step in mastering your emotions. There might be much fear encountered when opening up your subconscious and letting it connect to your conscious world. 

Changing Relationships

We have an audio meditation entitled “Changing Relationships” for you instead of our usual explanatory blogs or podcasts. Rex Urwin guides us into the subconscious to show that fears are ephemeral and that real love has a strong and peaceful foundation within your mind. 

He helps us connect our subconscious and conscious, and in so doing helps us see the true nature of our relationships. It could be relationships in business and work, in social groups or communities. He makes us understand how the filters of personal experience and history colour what we know and love. 

Let your mind, in the ideal, year-long season of loving, become aware, awakened to the real potential of love that you were meant to have and therefore change into the extraordinary person that is you.

Listen to the “Changing Relationships” Audio

This audio introduces you to an important part of the Mind Matters coaching process. Coaching definitely helps. We can’t really categorise it as life, business or executive coaching -- although these will come into play. We know it is holistic coaching that is most effective. 

With so many “gurus” telling everyone that they have found emotions are more important to business, at Mind Matters, we know right off the gate that what we need to achieve with our coaching is to balance the emotions, the conscious and subconscious minds into a harmonious, self-healing and cohesive unity. 


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