Choosing To Be Open To Possibility......And Creating It.

Choosing To Be Open To Possibility......And Creating It.

Are you currently living the life of your dreams? Take a look around you. Ponder on this question. 

What if we told you that yes: the reality you see around you, is literally the life you've dreamt of, up till now.......

Do you like what you see? Or is it time for a change?

In this podcast Rex Urwin discusses the realm of possibility and explores the concept that 'everything is created from imagination'. 

"It [your life] can't exist without having been imagined. So this podcast is a brief introductory discussion about the realm of imagination and flow. We can imagine anything and create anything in any way, any shape, any combination in the imagined reality. And that's really useful as a playground.

When we want to manifest something physically, we also need to transform and change. And that's a magical thing. And when we are in control of that process and understand that all the physical world is created this way, it's a wonderful thing." - Rex Urwin

So what's possible? And how would you like to see your life manifest?

Listen in as Rex discusses his unique concepts about the First and Second realities and their importance in creating a life of your design.

As you listen to this podcast consider the following important key points:

  • Are you a conscious creator of your own reality?
  • Is the life you've currently imagined, most likely out of habit of thought, the life you love?
  • In your perfect future world, who and how are you BEING?
  • Are you living in a state of flow and abundance?
  • Are you ready to learn more about your beautiful mind and it's limitless potential?

If you struggle to answer these questions right now, then this podcast and bonus NeuroCoding meditation track are for you.

Now is your time to look forward and consider what's possible. There's no greater time in history than the present moment to begin transforming your reality into a newer version.

A better version. 

A healthier version - or whatever that version looks like to you. 

“Where you put your attention is where your energy flows.  When we are able to stay true, through practice, to our more ideal imagined reality, everything transforms, including the formation of the idea into form, into manifest.'

Listen now to learn more

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  • Ready to re-wire?
  • Ready to recognise and release your fears?
  • Are you open to transforming your current reality?

Now is your time to consciously choose how you want to transform your existing paradigm into a life you love. Are you ready to take the next step?

Start your powerful NeuroCoding process NOW by listening to our bonus transformational meditation track and start your journey of transformation TODAY!

Explore your mind. Evolve your vision. Elevate to success.

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