Confidental Personal Quarterly Review

This form is an individual check in on your progress. Please Rate yourself.

DD slash MM slash YYYY
I am willing to share profits with those who help produce them
I am happy about the success of others
I am willing to truly listen to others
I am able to enjoy what I have and appreciate who I am
I compare myself to others
I gossip or discuss others
I never indulge in derisive talk
I care for others in the business around me
I present myself exactly as I am
I do everything with absolute integrity
I give to others, am generous, creative, flow and want everyone to prosper
I always keep my promises and commitments
I spend time each day in a concentrated peaceful state contemplating the bigger questions in life
I am ok with reflecting honestly often on the bigger picture of life
I always find space for someone who needs it
I always choose my business associates wisely and only those with integrity
I always speak with love, gentleness and compassion
I have empathy for anyone having a problem, including competitors, I respect all people
I am free from jealousy of others success
I know that all success comes from my state of mind, from being in integrity with myself, others and the nature of the universe
I release myself from any fascination with other's problems
I help others whenever I can
I wish well to all others, competitors and people whether I like them or not
I seek to stamp out unhappiness
I am visionary enough to create vast new wealth in which I wish all to prosper
I consciously take joy in the successes of others
I take care of the health and welfare of others in the team
My ethics and integrity are absolutely impeccable
I expect and encourage honesty in all team members
I always tell the exact truth and I give people the exact impression I have myself
I have total inner honesty
I refuse to perpetuate violence so I do not react to others hurtful behaviour
I diligently watch my own mind for anger towards another and constantly stay in balance
I always stay aware of my impact on others before I speak out
I always give people what they need on time
I am grateful to those who have assisted in any way towards my success. I constantly maintain thoughts of gratitude for everything in my life
I never participate in lewd talk or degrading communications
I keep all commitments to others fully
I happily share my resources with others in the organisation
I have humility and listen to all others
I recognise and praise others, I do not look for recognition from others
I avoid meaningless talk and discuss only the things that I intend to do and are relevant
I have a strong sense of purpose
I do what I say I will do and do not speak of things I don't intend to do or have no real meaning for others
I keep my opinions of others to myself
I use a strict logic and integrity in all I think and do and follow the path of personal integrity
I understand that a negative action or any cheating leads only to negative results and perceptions
I understand that my world is created by my integrity or lack of and vigilantly work to overcome my resistance to this
I re-examine and clean up all my beliefs and perceptions