Feeling stuck? Suffering from overwhelm or lacking clarity and direction? You know you can achieve your dreams if only you knew how.

Welcome to our Cutting Edge Coaching Membership which is a combination of revolutionary brain training and breathwork sessions that will shift old, bad habits and negative thought patterns and replace them with life transforming thoughts and actions.

What you need is not just any training or mentoring, but access to the top minds. Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly are held in the highest regard as top leaders in this field of brain and breath work that promises better results than any you’ve experienced before.

Expand your mind and live your best life when you become a member of our Cutting Edge community

We can’t do anything without first thinking about it or imagining it.  That’s why the brain is so powerful because it is controlling every action and reaction we take.  Just imagine what that looks like when you train your brain and entire being to only take the actions that lead to your deepest intentions.

That’s why our revolutionary coaching and training has such a sustainable impact because it’s re-coding your neural pathways.  In a similar way to how an IT programmer codes computers to make them more efficient, we help you create new code for your brain to improve your life.  Even better, the ripple effect for those around you improves too.

With the extraordinary advances in technology, Mind Matters offers mentoring online across all time zones, a global network that works for you wherever you are located. This facility supports you in the comfort of your own space when required.

Our revolutionary workshops are designed to rewire and retrain your mind for extraordinary results.

Here’s what our Cutting Edge looks like:

  • Bespoke sessions One on One monthly mentoring
  • 3hr exclusive member's live workshop every 6 weeks, this includes a one hour breathwork session
  • Personalised Transformational Meditations from your session for your deepest integration and NeuroCoding evolution
  • Mentored online education
  • Monthly Breathwork session with an opportunity to invite a guest complimentary
  • Personal Voxer access to Catherine and Rex for 'Just in Time' ongoing support as needed
  • Access to Self Directed online learning through Success Excelerator

The internet is filled with options for improving your mindset, breath work, and mind training.

It can be confusing and most of these offer no real scientific proof and that’s what makes Mind Matters different.  We have the proof by working with thousands of people around the world achieving mind blowing results.

With Mind Matters revolutionary approach you’ll have access to a truly unique and powerful combination of breath and mindset transformative work brought to you by our pioneering mentors and leaders; Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin.

The Mind Matters Cutting Edge Coaching Membership is a proven brain science based tool for dramatically improving your performance, your mindset, your finances, your career, your business, your life - you name it; this will smash the ceiling on all your goals.

You’ve heard about the power of neuroplasticity. You know that you can rewire your brain and install new habits. 

You’ve heard about the power of neuroplasticity. You know that you can rewire your brain and install new habits.

What are you waiting for? Join us and experience such incredible and powerful shifts that improve your life for good!