Trevena Feldmanis interview, featured image: Darl past, bright present

Trevena Feldmanis, a homemaker and part-time businesswoman, is somebody who was brought up on a farm with a traditional farming family. Together with Rex Urwin, she explores a darker dimension to this kind of life and how she unshackled herself from it. By nature an adventurous and free spirit, Trevena reminds us how past social and belief structures often become straitjackets we need to get out of.

With honesty and, actually, much empathy towards her past, she and Rex discuss the many things that could go wrong for a person brought up believing the way she had been thinking . Why and how she came out of that past towards an empowered present is a story in itself.

There was actually less drama than anybody would expect in releasing her limitations.. It was mostly a pursuit in the mind, closely supported by Trevena’s husband. This doesn’t mean that the stakes were not high or that the results are ordinary. The gauge for this is how compelling the discussion is, despite its touching on many points of a past where she believed herself unworthy which limited the real Trevena. 

You will find yourself applauding her on her personal quest for finding a bright and happy place. This place, which is truly her own, is now a beacon for her family, friends, neighbours and her community. The significance should not be lost on others, especially people like business owners, executives and those in positions of power or trust. 

One of the brightest threads running through this interview, now a Mind Matters podcast, is how Catherine Connolly, Rex, Rhonda Ward and Mind Matters people have created a flexible, powerful life-giving process for those in need of spiritual, mental, physical and business or professional well-being. 

Episode Highlights

      •     Dealing with her past, and why and how Trevena Feldmanis’ journey with      Mind Matters started.

        • About “aha moments” in events like Mind Matters’ retreats that struck a coordinate with Trevena and started her journey towards personal improvement.

        • How a punitive standpoint creates feelings of inadequacy, fear and more.

        • It’s now her period of adjustment for the bright, new and empowering place she is in today -- Trevena and mentor Rex Urwin review the finer points of this place compared to the old one, a new belief structure, and its certainties.

        • How she reconnected with her childhood goals of freedom and adventure in Mind Matters retreats and its results.

        • Finding feminine energy and discovering spontaneity  outside of past attitude structures.

        • A touchstone moment. A magical memory that actually lead to a decision to embrace the status quo.

        • A discussion of standards of achievement and success, in personal and professional  terms.

        • The point of being in the here and now, of how she sees one life connected to human history and evolution.

        • How she identified old patterns in her past, changed things around and made them congruent to a planned and better future.

        • Rediscovering the child in her, curious and creative, a direct result of her participating in Mind Matters events. 

        • Her advice to business owners to liberate their inner child to achieve success. 

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Dealing with the past is something I was once afraid to do. Through Mind Matters retreats, I was able to see and appreciate things in the way they should be as a human being who has inherited the many burdens of our collective history. Rex, Catherine and the Mind Matters family helped me create the positive space with which to live my true birthright as an aware, grateful and passionate human.#darkpast #past #brightpresent #present #mindset #mind #retreats #tradition #upbringing #mindmatters 

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