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Transforming Your Business Culture 

Is your business hardwired for success?  

Is your culture a unified team of players dedicated to the success of your business OR are your team unwittingly running in different directions?

If your business resembles the second of those options, now is your time to consider the importance of developing a strong business culture. This starts when you, as a business leader or key stakeholder, realign yourself and your team on a pathway that empowers the collective to achieve excellence and inspires you to keep your head in the game and drive your business to succeed.

“Your business is a culture and community and it operates like any culture. Once you're in a place of calm, you can then more positively impact and lead your team and create a culture where everyone is inspired to step up. If the culture feels heard and believed in and cared for, it will perform with inspiration. When the culture believes in its law and purpose it will protect the boundaries of its law and strive to advance. And that starts with you.”


How is your team currently functioning?

  • Do your team members trust each other?
  • Does your team trust you? Do you trust them?
  • Are there hidden agendas operating within your team?
  • Are your team reaching deep in challenging times and giving their all?
  • Are your team playing for the same outcome or are they playing against each other?
  • Is your culture happy and fulfilled?
  • Is your team focused on a unified vision?

Empowering Teams

The key to a successful organisation is to have a culture based on a strongly held and widely shared set of beliefs that are supported by strategy and structure. When the partners and executive team are united and the organisation has a strong and cohesive leadership culture, three things happen:
  • Employees know how management wants them to respond to any situation
  • Employees believe that the expected response is the proper one
  • Employees know that they will be rewarded for demonstrating the organisation's values, while striving to reach and fulfil their own potential.

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." – Napolean Hill

Consider what could happen if

your people played as a more cohesive team.

Building Better Business Teams
What would be the result of your team truly owning a vision and how would that likely impact your bottom line and productivity?

Imagine the possibility of being able to fully trust your team to perform, knowing they cared about your business as much as you do. 
Transforming business cultures is the key to success and if you’re committed to being a successful business owner or business leader, that transformation starts with you.

How can transforming your businesses culture impact your company?

As mind architects and executive coaches we use time honoured, scientifically based principals to enable our clients to shift perspectives, re-write their story and literally rescript their lives, empowering them to move forward, open up a safe space for effective communication, activate their potential and achieve unity and success.

In the business world, this has a powerful 'trickle down effect' on every member of the organisation, transforming cultures and shifting paradigms. 
Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin

Our unique program includes:

  • Helping you and your organisation stay managed and calm under enormous pressure
  • Dealing with and negotiating safely through issues of conflict, challenges and empowering you and your team to develop the skills to navigate this pathway to a win / win situation, all while honouring your unique values and creating a cohesive vision for growth, significance and success.
  • Powerful tools on how to communicate more effectively with others who literally speak and act differently - from their unique perspective, needs and voice
  • Coordinating unique values and personal perspectives to create collaboration, harmony and a safe space for all team members to be more fully engaged and autonomous, while contributing positively to the greater good of the organisation
It is widely known that strong business culture leads to higher levels of engagement and productivity in the workplace and building a great culture is your foundation for company wide wellbeing and success. This is your opportunity to create greater harmony and coheasion for your people, empowering them to strive for excellence and improve efficiency. That journey starts NOW.
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Ready to transform your business?

Mind Matters Business Transformation

Is it time to address the Elephant in the room?

  • Increase team engagement
  • Improve retention
  • Grow productivity
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