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  • Is your culture a unified team of players dedicated to the success of your business?
  • Are your team running in different directions?
  • Do your team trust each other?
  • Do your team trust you? Do you trust them?
  • Are there hidden agendas operating within your team?
  • Are your team playing knowing each player is there when they pass the ball?
  • Are your team reaching deep when its tough and giving there all?
  • Are your team focused on a unified vision?
  • Are your team playing for the same outcome or are they playing against each other?
  • Is your culture happy and fulfilled?


  • What would happen if your people played as a cohesive team
  • What would be the result of your team truly owning a vision
  • How would you feel being able to fully trust your team to perform because they cared about each other and you.
  • Your business is a culture and community and it operates like any culture. If the culture feels heard and believed in and cared for it will perform with inspiration. When the culture believes in its law and purpose it will protect the boundaries of its law and strive to advance.
  • A sense of pride evolves as the behaviour of a cultures elders demonstrates care of and the overall wellbeing of their community.
  • The result is prosperity and happiness as the sense of connectedness inspires and protects.
  • The art of creating a great culture is teachable and like all great teams incredible to belong to.
  • The sensation of winning and achieving together is inspirational and richly rewarding.
  • Building a great culture is the foundation of success and wellbeing.
  • The ability of people to work together and design extraordinary futures is breath taking.
  • All winning teams know the incredible feeling of being in a dynamic team and will continue to strive to win together.
  • Building a great culture is strategic and replicable when understood.


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