Interview with Emmanuela Shinta - Finding Your PurposeInterview with Emmanuela Shinta - Finding Your Purpose

​This episode of the Mind Matters Podcast is something a little different. We’re looking at the courage it takes to realise and follow your finding your purpose. Rex is chatting to Emmanuela Shinta, a 26-year-old Dayak woman from Kalimantan, Borneo, about her role in this world and the power of taking action, even when you don’t know what you’re doing. Emmanuela is an activist, film producer and director, founder of the Ranu Welum Foundation and a leader for young people. She’s gained notice over the years, speaking before the United Nations and a number of other international platforms about the deforestation of the Bornean rainforest and the overall destruction of her beloved country and her Dayak culture.She has trained more than 100 young indigenous people to use a camera to share their cause, and continues to raise awareness of the Dayak people and Kalimantan through the use of short videos and documentaries.

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Episode highlights:

  • Who Emmanuela Shinta is and what her vision is – being born in Kalimantan as a Dayak woman was “no accident”
  • Why Emmanuela feels like she wasted the first 17 years of her life – not knowing what her purpose was
  • The turning point for Emmanuela when she realised her purpose
  • She did not see the vision for what she wants to happen until she experienced the pain of the destruction of her country
  • Why Emmanuela thinks the transformation of Kalimantan is possible
  • The power of vision and the vision for Borneo
  • The voice of indigenous communities and avoiding conflict
  • Being invited to speak before the UN – talking about issues and solutions
  • What Emmanuela thinks every small to medium business owner needs to pay attention to
  • The problem comes when we separate ourselves from each other
  • As a business owner, you have a responsibility
  • Working together to make the world a better place


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