To start you with how the Four Foundations are fundamental to business success, we borrow a cautionary situation from a great Russian Master. Fyodor Dostoevsky in his novel Demons tells us about a character named Belinsky who was just like the title character of Krylov’s 1814 novel The Inquisitive Man -- a watchful, observant person in a museum who fails to see the elephant there. 

No one would like to be accused of being this sort of character, especially not in business. In this field, you need to be aware, ready to respond in the right way at a moment’s notice. Mind skills and strength, quickness, flexibility, and confidence are needed here.

Yet, being unable to cope with fast-changing and fast-moving markets is as relevant an idiom as the elephant in the room today, if not more so. In fact, for many business owners, it is the elephant in the room

In this podcast, Catherine and Rex discuss the main points of the Four Foundations and how these are directly connected to current problems you might have in business and in your personal life.  These will ideally guide you on a clarified and much more accessible path to success, and mentoring is an essential part of the process. 

In fact, the podcast is groundwork laid for effective correlations in retreats for business owners, like Design Your Destiny 2019, which is scheduled this December. We might very well call it a classic take on one of the main elements which makes Mind Matters programs work.

Podcast Highlights

  • Catherine introduces the podcast proper by discussing essential Mind Matters work and results for business.
  • Focus on problems in business that lead to highly stressed lives and environments.
  • The feeling of not being able to control things as an underlying emotion of people caught in these environments.
  • A secret, vital structure that helps us understand the universe as a stable place to live and work in.
  • An unfocused mind has reduced capacities for making decisions and moving ahead.
  • Discussion of the four foundations, which help you model and build multi-layered, strong and flexible structures to address ever-changing business environments.
  • Values, Beliefs, The 10 Dimensions of Wealth and Intention are foundations manifested from the core of nature and creation.
  • Adhering to and honoring these foundations and how dishonoring them leads to destruction or destructive impulses.
  • The totally positive effect of building these foundations in a congruent manner.
  • What happens when these foundations are poorly or properly laid.
  • Looking at structures built with these as personal work, an artisanal process.
  • The need for learning and mentoring to have the ability to use the foundations properly.
  • Concluding observations about the positive effect of the Four Foundations.
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Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin use their own original methods for helping clients focus and re-balance their inner selves towards any results they want in life or business. Balancing your nervous system is very important to making the most out of your abilities to think clearly, effectively and create exhilarating results. The product, based on advanced neuro science and neuro linguistics given final shape in Mind Matters® Neurocoding© techniques, is applicable to any kind of challenging situation or even crisis setting. Enjoy the benefits of using it regularly.

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Do you feel at times that you're navigating your business without a rudder or radar or a map that is sometimes, does it seem hard for you to identify between what's right or wrong for your business and making decisions? In that case, you'll certainly want to reset your focus, align your goals to your needs and desires in business terms. It's easy given the thousand and one market or corporate factors to become pressured and even confused as to what outcome or direction to focus on. The Four Foundations are values that relate directly to how the universe works. @Mind_Matters_Me #fourfoundations #mindmatters #mindsetmastery #designyourdestiny #destiny #design #mindmattersme #mindset

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