Understanding Spectrum Autism: Interview with BJ Connolly

BJ Connolly, young and happy, is a successful Brisbane comedian who is getting more famous day by day. He has worked hard for success, but goes through life with a joyful perspective. This despite his having autism spectrum which includes Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. 

In this interview, Rex Urwin, Mind Matters managing director discusses many dimensions to autism, comedy and things that have worked with BJ. These things are, to use BJ’s words, “transferable skills”. He is of course deeply concerned with helping and supporting people with similar circumstances as he. 

In this honest discussion of life in general and life with autism in particular, we can actually see how normal life is for one brilliant guy with autism spectrum. No mention is made of this in the interview, but if you listen closely, you can figure out why and how. 

Perhaps it is the interaction between Rex and BJ -- the chemistry. Much of it is an amazing chemistry between a greatly experienced executive mentor and a brilliant young comedian. This podcast is a must for Millennials and those who wish to understand Millennials, because BJ is actually a perfect, positive personification of his generation. 

BJ Connolly’s upcoming performances can be found at www.BJConnolly136.com

Episode Highlights

    • BJ Connolly at 24 and why he is an extraordinary guy.

    • What it’s like to be a comedian and a person with autistic disorders.

    • How he’s turned his condition into an advantage in his personal and professional life.

    • His journey so far. Starting from adjustments in school, bullying and how he coped with it, among other things.

    • Note on how people with spectrum autism often have special talents and how society isn’t able to tap them and these can go to waste.

    • Discussion of business owners, typical Mind Matters clientele, and what BJ advises: have a clear sense of purpose to be attractive to clients.

    • How one course with a lady comedian (Fiona McGary) involved neurolinguistic programming, which is a direct connection to what Mind Matters does.

    • Discussion of labeling and stereotyping, samples of coping mechanisms for people with autism, and autism symptoms in adults.

    • A personal parable of how a Good Teacher can help those who have extreme cases of autism.

    • BJ’s future plans.

    • The willingness to learn is one secret in comedy and anywhere. BJ’s advice to young or aspiring comedians: Do not be intimidated.

    • Discussion of social media, and how many young people display autism behaviour in dealing with it.

    • Sample jokes. Rex starts off with one, and BJ follows.

    • His next performance in Brisbane and how there are many kinds of Pills of Magic for different folks.

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Autism has so many different sides, and the majority of these are positive as far as I know. In my interview with Mind Matters’ Rex Urwin, I’ve tried my best to show people why. I thank him and Mind Matters for giving me this opportunity to share my perspective for anyone interested or concerned about spectrum autism, especially those parents with children diagnosed with autistic disorders. - BJ Connolly #mindmatters #mindsetmastery #standupcomedian #humor

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