Carmen Taylor interview, featured image: The Joy and Spiritual Strength for Living

Dealing with loss is one thing in which no two person’s responses are quite the same. For Carmen Taylor, losing her husband in a motorcycle accident was undoubtedly painful, but her responses are geared toward positive outcomes.

The sudden arrival of news about her husband’s death was a shock, but well established beliefs and character traits helped her through with the early days of Jai’s death. Carmen continues on a surer, more stable track.

In this podcast interview, we can hear how her responses are unique for the experience

Carmen firmly says “No” to survivor guilt, keeps up her family’s morale, and keeps fit in spiritual and mental terms, a continuous daily focus towards excellence. In fact, the interview has a definite focus on the mental aspect of how to survive and thrive through challenges and the unexpected.

The former Olympian (military pentathlon) also points out how the strong spiritual dimension of their relationship guides her actions towards joy and positivity.

Carmen and Jai incorporated many tools into their lives that he embraced through the Mind Matters retreats, these having  developed in her a constant gratitude for her blessings coupled with a deep understanding of the temporal nature of life and it helped her to have the joy and spiritual strength for living.

This decisive focus is one that relates directly to business, and it’s also applicable to this or any challenging time.The experience has been humbling, but also a beautiful and empowering one for Carmen and her family.

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Episode Highlights

  • Early years: born in Communist Romania then relocation to Sweden and emigration to Australia as a student.
  • Training as a young girl in the competitive sport called military pentathlon and an Olympian.
  • How her training in sports is applied in personal life.
  • The shock of losing her husband Jai in a motorbike accident.
  • Her initial reactions and explanation of why she was able to keep these reactions under control.
  • Discussion of time in linear and non-linear terms.
  • Daily practises that keep her mind and body fit, which also helps keep the spiritual connection to Jai.
  • Keeping and sticking to the same vision and goals for her family as when he was alive.
  • The four questions she asks herself to stay grounded in daily life and business.
  • The mindset Carmen has developed through retreats such as Mind Matters with Catherine and Rex.
  • How this mindset, originally focused on business, has helped her face the challenge and her fears of the future.
  • Note on getting relevant advise from the right people.
  • Going with your gut feeling and finding your true nature.
  • Her concluding advise to pass through all trials in work or business and life with grace and quickness of mind.


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