Life Is An Ongoing Learning

Life Is An Ongoing Learning

Life, like Rugby, is an incredible game of skill. It’s important to train, to ensure you’re match ready, to be open and aware of your surroundings and look for those opportunities to make your next greatest move. 

However what happens in the face of challenging life experiences where the ball is no longer in your possession? What are the skills required to turn the game around and not just score a try, but get the conversion and win the game? 

In this podcast hosted by Rex Urwin, Rex speaks with Ross Barnes - Managing Director of Asme Projects.

Ross Barnes - Asme Projects

Established in 1997, ASME Projects has built a strong reputation within the oil and gas, energy and mining industries.

As a leading project solutions provider, ASME Projects works with clients from inception through to project completion, making sure that every task undertaken exceeds client expectations. 

Ross is also a powerful creator, harnessing the power of his brilliant mind to not only create and engineer outstanding project solutions with his team, but in this podcast speaks openly about the power of the creative mind to see the world from a perspective of possibilities: what can be imagined, can be created. This is a topic that Rex often discusses called the First and Second realities concept, an important part of the Mind Matters methodology, key to creating a life of your design.

Rex and Ross, both proud Kiwi’s in Australia, former rugby players and avid fans share their love of the game and utilise the symbolism of Rugby as a metaphor for some of life's most important lessons.

Key Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Stay open to life's lessons as they build your character for the future.
  • Always give your all.
  • Embrace the obstacles as they fuel your growth.
  • Continually scan for opportunity.
  • Keep preparing at all times so you will be ready when the preparation creates the ability to take an opportunity.
  • Be grateful for everything it always leads somewhere.
  • Create your own outcomes and opportunities.
  • In the end good will turn up so ensure you’ll be ready.
  • “What I’ve learned is as you progress along your journey in life and you get a chance to look back, you can see, and say, these times that were challenging, were actually an opportunity for teaching and learning. You know that you can move forward and overcome obstacles once you approach them with the right perspective. And that's why I believe, everything is an opportunity for learning and we don't have problems.  With the right mindset, we find solutions.”
     - Ross Barnes

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Quote - Ross Barnes

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