Welcome to the Mind Matters Podcast with Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly, the show for business owners, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs committed to living life at their best.

Listen in while we share how you can transform your life through focus, leadership and developing a high-performance mindset.

In this, our first episode, we are introduced and interviewed by Brett Jarman, Founder and Executive Producer of Experts On Air, the producers of the Mind Matters Podcast.

Brett quizzed us on ‘the story so far,’ how we got into the field of work we are in, why it’s important to us, and what we hope to contribute through the podcast.

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Listen to the podcast here or continue reading below.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Catherine’s childhood curiosity led her to be interested in matters of the mind
  • Catherine’s learning journey and understanding the tools and techniques available to help us transform
  • How Catherine’s frustration with surface level techniques inspired her to work with people at a deeper level
  • The 25 year history of Mind Matters
  • Rex’s hippy years
  • Rex’s corporate years in marketing and finance and how his love affair with relationships led him to pursue other avenues
  • Trading in his shoes for sneakers to study behavioural science at university
  • Rex’s journey into matters of the mind and how matters of the mind became matters of the heart
  • Why matters of the mind matter for everyone
  • The role of the mind to serve us and how we underestimate its capabilities
  • Why the comfort zone stops people from fully expressing themselves
  • The difference between designing your life and taking things as they come
  • Why Catherine and Rex mostly work with small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Why a creative mind is critical for entrepreneurship
  • The role of frustration and boredom in leading people to explore the mind
  • Why different people get different results in business even with the same resources
  • The role of beliefs and deeper patterns in the results we get in life
  • The role of friends and family in determining our results
  • The transition to unconscious competence and mastery
  • What to look forward to in future episodes of The Mind Matters Podcast - Confidence, beliefs, the role of ‘cliches’ in limiting success, what flow and balance looks like, what sustainable relationships look like, taking creative control of your business, understanding how the brain works and how to harness the power of it, getting clarity of your vision, how to have fun and to make your business a playful space.


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Matters of the mind matter for everyone. Including you. Listen in to The Mind Matters Podcast with Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly to find out why your mind matters and what you can do to make the most of it. #MindForBusiness #NLP

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