Interview with Naomi Smith: Surviving Breast Cancer with Powerful Choices

October is the Pink Month for Australia, the time to discuss and learn about breast cancer. It is also a time when women celebrate their successes against the disease, when survivors band together in common cause with those still surviving with breast cancer.

In this October podcast, we were lucky enough to have interviewed executive coach Naomi Smith, a breast cancer survivor. Naomi is or was one of 53 women in Australia diagnosed with cancer every day. She knows the difficulties and challenges, the many choices available and how a choice-empowered personal journey of healing can make a difference.

Despite the fact that there are many scary stories about women in their prime, beautiful women suddenly taken by the disease, the survival rate is high at 91%. Naomi has more or less become an expert on this disease as a way of being able to take charge of her life better.

Her story thus highlights the indomitable mind strength that women find when confronted with this particular condition. To Naomi, love is the ultimate source of that strength. This is shown in the decisions that led to her path to healing. All these were based on the things and people she loved, a massive outpouring of love, and the driving force of gratitude.

With the help of things she learned in her journeys to Bali with Mind Matters, she was able to tap into a synergy of choice and purpose. The techniques of mindset mastery and ancient wisdom helped focus her energy on her true priorities.

Shock of Discovery, Naomi’s Initial Reaction, a Powerful Question and a Choice

Like many people facing a crisis point, Naomi’s responses to the shock of being diagnosed with the disease (on May 2018) were actually those of paralysis. Her mind initially struggled to wrap itself around the shock that came out of the blue. The facts came tumbling out in a rush and added to the shock.

Did metastasizing cells spread from the breast to other parts of her body? What was her type of breast cancer? What were her treatment options?  We often experience our mind churning over our fears endlessly. Yet our ability to notice this and refocus towards solutions is of utmost importance.

After the first surgery took out the lump on her breast,  she was thinking that her ordeal was done. But further analysis said it was the most aggressive types of cancer of the breast. She decided to go for advanced treatment.

Naomi struggled to find her feet in the whirlwind of events, her close family suffered the same fate. She asked herself a pivotal question, “Crises can come from left field, so how do I get out of this particular crisis and fear and into love?” This question highlights the first pivotal choice she made to go for more therapy — an insurance policy against the cancer coming back.

In this episode of Mind Matters Podcasts, you will hear firsthand of Naomi’s struggles. Through her discussion with Catherine, you will find precise details on why and how she created a healing place. A place created with the help of things she had or found within her heart and mind. These she used to empower the choices made to battle cancer.

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Journeys to Bali

Naomi recalls how many of her personal solutions came from her numerous retreat experiences in Bali. She first went on the Mind Matters Ancient Wisdom retreat in 2005, which was foundational. She undertook more as she fell in love with the place.

Her main reason for going, then, was to find a way to improve her personal, professional and business lives. She had no way of knowing that those journeys to Bali with Rex and Catherine would enable her to develop a healing mindset by using innate strengths for love, family and nurture.

During her cancer treatment ordeal, awareness and gratitude took on a new dimension. Where once her gratitude was for business, professional or lifestyle successes, the focus became more fundamental. When those who have breast cancer would have been psychologically stricken, she stepped up and focused on the gratitude for people and things she loved. Her healing journey took an even more positive direction.

Once there, it was a matter for her innate strengths and creativity to push out and create firmer ground with choices made to battle cancer. On this firm ground, she found the path towards healing. She envisioned her body as healed and normal again. This became an internal focus, to buttress all her struggling cells and systems, to teach them to respond in a sense.

We don’t exactly know how the mind can directly command healing in its cells. What we do know is that thoughts provide their own chemicals, and powerful, positive thoughts generate uplifting and healing chemicals.

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Self-Healing Methods and a Healing Place

For those not acquainted with them, health professionals know there are self-healing alternatives for cancer. Besides surgery and chemo to up her survival chances to a chosen ideal of 95%, Naomi used self-healing methods she learned in Bali, like aligning the mind with affirmations and wellness visualisations. In so doing, she added another dimension to her overcoming breast cancer that doctors might want to study.

Naomi continues being herself to this day, a professional woman in the business of executive coaching. Normal enough on the outside, her persona has evolved on the inside. It now has an added dimension of having survived one of the worst things that can happen to any woman today. And she achieved this mastery over breast cancer by choosing to harness her mind and spiritual strengths to withstand and finally overcome the disease.

Mindset mastery and related skills Naomi used in her ordeal were actually geared towards regular lifestyle and business concerns. So anyone with these life tools can actually use them for any crisis situation. Looking at Naomi’s example, we realise that we shouldn’t have to wait for a challenge or crisis to learn to be present and grateful in life or in business.

As a permanent practise in the daily or regular sense, a well founded ritual of gratitude or a grateful way of looking at life or the world can actually release stress, assist you through obstacles and help you avoid crises.


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