Neil Macdonald Interview - Embracing Your Inner Entrepreneur Social

In this episode, Rex chats to friend and client Neil Macdonald owner of Fairway Financial, who has been running his own financial planning business for the past 23 years, specialising in people insurance.

He entered the industry somewhat by default, following in his father’s footsteps. His first role was with National Mutual (AXA) on a graduate program in 1990, which led him through a number of roles to become an adviser in 1997.

Now, he spends his days helping veterinarians and SME business owners improve their financial wellbeing and explore their financial options.

In the discussion Neil shares how important mindset has been in his work and the role Mind Matters has had in his development.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Who Neil is and what he does - father, runs a financial planning business
  • ‘Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do’ - Neil’s mantra
  • What makes Neil’s work right for him is that it’s right for his clients
  • Key things Neil has learned over the years
  • Owning his journey - comfortable in his skin and knowing his values
  • What Neil is most proud of - growing from the low times and being open to new possibilities
  • Managing state and emotion
  • Looking inwardly for answers - it’s going to happen inwardly before it happens outwardly
  • Time alone after divorce and learning about how manifestation works
  • Neil’s time working with Rex and what he learnt
  • What Neil’s future looks like - embracing the inner entrepreneur
  • Injecting fun in the business - people stay because of the connection
  • Making the complex simple
  • Neil’s advice - align yourself with somebody who has the skills to ask you the right questions that will help you move along the path you choose


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“Financial planning is about numbers but really it’s about the people. People come to us and stay because of the connection.” - @FairwayFA #MindMatters #Business #Relationships

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