Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mind Matters Partner.

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We love that you’re part of our community and can see the potential of working with our methodologies to help transform not just your own life, but the lives of others on a global level. 

Our Partners are authentic, supportive and consciously choose to live extraordinary lives every day, and as they play out their part in activating this global movement for change, receive commissions or have the ability to create their own income streams through using our platforms for their own educational or coaching businesses.

More importantly, our partners are here - like us - to change thousands of lives forever. We'd be honored to have you join us.

“Your business is a culture and community and it operates like any culture. Once you're in a place of calm, you can then more positively impact and lead your team and create a culture where everyone is inspired to step up. If the culture feels heard and believed in and cared for, it will perform with inspiration. When the culture believes in its law and purpose it will protect the boundaries of its law and strive to advance. And that starts with you.”


Our program is designed to give you the freedom to work at a level that suits you.


Firstly: Success Excelerator, housed on the Mind Matters Institute platform is a learning system designed to be used for:

  • Self directed learning
  • A learning tool to support 1-1 coaching sessions
  • A tool to be used in the workplace to enhance powerful team transformations
  • OR as a framework for members of our community who are moving into coaching, mentoring or leadership roles. Success Excelerator can form the basis of a learning curriculum to support your own clients transformation.


As a partner, you can become an Affiliate reseller of this platform OR an Accredited Facilitator and reseller of this program for use in your own coaching business.

1. The Mind Matters Affiliate Partner Program

The Mind Matters Affiliate Partner Program is designed to cater for and support a small group of promotional partners who help us get the word out about our program, and together we change lives. We think and operate differently than most other affiliate programs. We take a strong stand on integrity, transparency, and work extremely hard to protect your brand and ours.

Mind Matters Affiliate Partners spread the news about the benefits they’ve personally experienced through social media, blogs, email and telephone conversations. Affiliate Partners receive a commission on all sales of Success Excelerator that they refer to Mind Matters via their unique Affiliate code. This code is trackable and as a member of this program, you’ll receive access to the partner portal housed on our Mind Matters Institute website which will show you any commissions earned in real time. You’ll also receive email notifications of any transactions that happen from your referrals.

Affiliate Program
As partners of our community, we also ask that Mind Matters Affiliates agree to offer support to anyone who uses their link to purchase the Success Excelerator program. We care deeply about our collective customer base and connections and want to make sure that each and every new member of our community knows they’re valued by us, and the partner that referred them.
Please note: It is really important to disclose that as a Mind Matters Affiliate Partner you may receive financial compensation when others sign up via your affiliate link. This is a legal requirement following the FTC guidelines and is specifically important for website landing pages, as the internet is a global marketplace.

Benefits Of Becoming an Affiliate Partner?

As partners of our community, you will recieve commissions on each Success Excelerator learner in the following programs: 
 NOTE: One on One coaching programs are NOT eligible for affiliate benefits. As these programs are a subscription package, you will continue to earn commissions on each and every month the learner continues with their subscription.
  • Digital assets to embedding into websites
  • Earn up to 40% per month
  • Link generator to share your unique affiliate code
  • Dashboard to track your converted sales and commissions

How can you become an Affiliate Partner?

As partners of our community, we also ask that Mind Matters Affiliates agree to offer support to anyone who uses their link to purchase the Success Excelerator program. We care deeply about our collective customer base and connections and want to make sure that each and every new member of our community knows they’re valued by us, and the partner that referred them.

Firstly: if you’re as excited about the platform as we are, get in touch and open up the conversation. We vet through all applications so we can create win-win relationships and make sure we’re all a good fit. Admittedly, we work to keep the group small — not to exclude anyone, but simply to help us to maintain personal connections with our Affiliate Partners. Most importantly, we only want people promoting Success Excelerator who truly believe in the program. Authenticity and heart is key to any successful promotional campaign.

We’re looking for Affiliate Partners who are aligned on every level with the integrity, spirit and mission of Mind Matters. We review each Affiliate Partner individually including their brand or social presence, languaging, commitment to their own personal development, commitment to service and growing a positive mindset shift and impact in the world and where applicable — their personal story of how Mind Matters methodologies and Success Excelerator has positively impacted their own lives.

If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, it’s important to note: we do keep an eye on what people say about Mind Matters and our programs. We take brand integrity, customer experience, and our community relationships very seriously. 

Making Claims

It’s important to be mindful of making claims about what our program offers. While we have all the science required to support our methodologies, a learning experience like Success Excelerator is a deeply personal journey and the depth of the results is based directly on the depth of work done by each individual.   
mind matters
We also appreciate that Success Excelerator may be a big investment for some people. In a world that can be perceived as full of online scams and shams, it’s vital that we all hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and our guidelines and brand promises are adhered to.  

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." – Napolean Hill

2. The Mind Matters Accredited Facilitator Program

To get started on the path to becoming a Mind Matters Accredited Facilitator, firstly it’s important that you have worked with the methodologies at a deep level. There is a heavier vetting process for this level of work and further specific training will be required to achieve this accreditation.

If you’re already working as a coach or trainer and have credible coaching qualifications, the Success Excelerator program will integrate easily into your practice and provide a step by step framework that you can utilise to support your clients journey.

If you’re new to coaching and love how Mind Matters methodologies have worked for you and are ready to activate change in those around you, then Success Excelerator can provide the perfect framework for you to support the transformation of your clients.

To take the next step, you will need to:

  • Apply to be considered as an Accredited Facilitator
  • Complete the 12 part online coaching training certification
  • Supply 2 case studies of clients you are working with. We will provide a framework for you for this submission
  • Supply 2 video testimonials to support your case studies

As an Accredited Facilitator you'll also:

  • Earn the rights to use ‘Mind Matters Accredited Facilitator’’ as a title
  • Gain access to a Mastermind group on the Mind Matters Institute Website where you can share ideas or ask for help, support and guidance around growing your practice
  • Gain access to exclusive monthly Zoom meetings with Rex and Catherine and their strategic partner network to discuss issues that may be coming up and take advantage of business growth and development support delivered through those sessions
  • Be featured in our website directory of accredited partners
  • PLUS you’ll gain access to all of the tools and resources loaded into Success Excelerator for use in your own private practice

How Being An Accredited Facilitator Works:

Being a Mind Matters Accredited Facilitator means you can bundle the Success Excelerator program ENGAGE into your own coaching program.  You have a private group of ONLY your learners to manage on the Mind Matters Institute online learning platform.  You pay a monthly reconciliation at a 40% discounted rate to Mind Matters for each current learner subscription along with your Accredited Facilitator fee.

*Learners sign up to Success Excelerator FREE with a unique discount code we provide to you.  All payments from the learners go directly to you so you are free to set your own package prices.  

Meet Your Coaches

As executive Mind Coaches Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin have a dazzling list of degrees, diplomas and tertiary qualifications in education, counselling, neurolinguistics, psychotherapy, psychology, biochemistry, behavioural science, metaphysics, kinesiology and hypnosis and are world leaders in NeuroCoding© NeuroCoding©  is the science and skill of using the neuroplastic nature of your brain to create new patterns and connections that allow you to access your full potential.
Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin
To activate your journey of transformation, Catherine and Rex have packaged their knowledge, expertise and groundbreaking personal transformation tools into this all new online program designed specifically to help you rewire your brain for success in just a few minutes a day. 

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