Resilience and Human Potential

Resilience and Human Potential

Blake Comerford has a bio that reads like someone who has been there and done that and definitely bought more than one tee shirt. Blake has experienced his own “top of the mountain” moments playing semi-professional league from a young age but has also experienced the downfall and the dark side of addiction.  With true warrior spirit he’s risen with not only an inspirational story to tell, but a warrior love and energy healing others by bringing about real change to reach their full potential.

In this podcast hosted by Rex Urwin, Rex speaks with Blake Comerford.

Born in beautiful Wollongong in the late 70’s, Blake was a former semi professional rugby league player for the Balmain Tigers and Illawarra Steelers and has had over 20 yrs experience coaching and mentoring young people; his lifes’ true passion. His energy is palpable and it's this loving, healing energy working as a mentor that is helping kids overcome and heal from childhood pain and trauma.

Together with Rex Urwin; our mastering the mind mentor, Blake and Rex discussed what life was like for Blake growing up with an incredibly strong and beautiful mother who dedicated her life to raising her family and a mainly absent dad who certainly had character but sadly not the tools or skills to provide that steady, stable fathering role model that every boy needs growing up.  

Once Blake reached his late teens; like most young men who carry a certain amount of resentment but don’t really understand where those deep, raw emotions come from, Blake started to numb those feelings of rejection with drink and drugs.  It’s hard to imagine that even though from the outside Blake’s life looked great, on the inside this was a dark time.  

What was the turning point for Blake? Blake always had a sense of having an energy field; like an energetic thread that would pull him back to moments of time and in this particular episode probably saved his life. 

Because of experiencing what can only be described as a fair amount of heavy “shit”;  Blake is able to connect with traumatised kits on a much more deeper, almost spiritual level.  

As Blake puts it; kids have an innate sixth sense of picking up on BS and if they sense it, you’re out.

That’s what allows Blake and his amazing team to do what they do - they’ve walked in those same shoes and now they’ve come out the other side; not just surviving but thriving. As mentors they are able to hand down that belief in human potential and ability to the kids they deal with everyday. 

What is it that Blake and his mentoring team see in these kids that allows them in? He says it’s their incredible resilience.

Their resilience to survive is insurmountable and when you stop and think just what they’ve had to survive, then it’s powerful stuff. When you take this survival mode and switch it to thriving mode then you know you can help them live their infinite potential.  This to a young person who has never had a safe environment to live, could be something as beautiful and simple as going to bed at night not being scared. 

Being able to help young people rewire their mindset is like taking something that is on a hard drive and switching it over to software; because he knows first hand changing the way we think about ourselves is the first step to the transition process.

Both Rex and Blake reflect on what resilience and the opportunity for infinite potential looks like and it’s the fact everyone is capable of it; if only they’re given the right support and guidance.  

With Blake you know his energy is one that will help others overcome pain and trauma because his essence and spirit is one of pure love. No transactions necessary; he gives from the heart and soul and that’s what makes him and his work so unique and special.  What does he say to himself before he enters a room to help kids feel safe and valued and most of all loved? “Let God enter the room before me” because when the ego is tamed the only light that can shine is one of pure love.   Blake’s beautiful company;  Total Development Program (TDP) is all about empowering futures and they’re certainly achieving that in more ways than one.

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Key Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Understanding your place and letting go of limiting beliefs. Knowing that you are not your or your parents past will allow you to live a life of your full potential. 
  • You can overcome childhood trauma and other challengs with the right mindset and strategies in place.  
  • With healing and trust comes compassion and understaningfor yourself and others.
  • How important it is to reconnect a healing energy for yourself and others around you.
  • Rewiring your brain for success is the first step towards transitioning your life to its full potential. 
  • “And in those times of darkness, there was an awareness that was ike, this is not for you. It's time for you now to get out of here."
     - Blake Comerford

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