Rex Urwin

Rex combines his expertise in NeuroCoding, high-level communication skills, hypnosis and other therapeutic techniques with a personal mentoring approach to keep you topped-up with focus, perspective and motivation.With more than 20 years professional, therapeutic and academic experience, Rex is a seasoned professional.

Thousands of people have connected with him and stepped closer to achievements of significance in their lives.

Rex Urwin

Q & A with Rex

It’s so great to meet you here and I can’t wait to connect with you in person. As a mentor I’m always super excited to be in contact with others who don’t want to just settle for a mediocre life and who are striving to leave a positive impact on the world around them.  Have you ever felt that there is something missing, and yet  you know  there is more within and would like to tap into your inner potential and bring it into play in your business and life.

I will give you a bit of insight into what makes me tick; my why, the legacy I feel so passionate about and if you want to find out more just ask. 

What did I want to be when I was a kid?

I was always the kid who wanted to know “why” - you know the ones who never stop asking questions that annoy the hell out of people but I got away with it somehow.  

In some ways I’m still that kid because I just can’t stand seeing others not living their own best life.  I want us all to live life to the full - feeling great about ourselves which has such a ripple effect on the people we lead and work alongside, live with, our community and beyond.  

As a kid I was always running over the sand dunes looking for a great wave and I’m still the searcher.  I’ve always been that adventurer and there’s nothing better than the thrill of having a  wave to navigate.  These days the wave of negotiating flow of life and teaching it. 

What a rush it is to paddle out and master the best wave and land at your destiny so that’s a bit of an analogy with how I live my life.  I’m riding the wave, mastering the wave and the board and walking off feeling buzzed from top to toe.  The soul surfer in me recognises the soul surfer in you.  I love to guide people to be at the top of their game, focused and open to the incredible possibilities that come from the ability to access multiple perspectives and maintain motivation, inspiration and innovation.

What do I want my legacy to be?

My legacy is to leave a footprint on Earth that makes it a worthwhile pathway for others to use for their journey.  Walking beside people who have chosen me as their guide is amazing and an honour with enormous responsibility.  There is nothing more extraordinary for me than witnessing these people creating their legacies and helping them walk into their full greatness.  

My why? 

 I just want to make a positive difference in this world and enjoy the journey.  Sounds simple but tapping into “influencing through integrity” I’m absolutely convinced we can not only make our own lives incredible we can positively impact the lives of others around us. 

We have to understand that through mindfulness, self mastery and manifesting not what’s just good for me but good for society as a whole then we all become connected.  Wow - just imagine how good that deeply powerful connection and fulfilment  feels right now.

What is important to you about bringing Breathwork practices to your clients?

About 10 years ago I was doing my morning ritual of running Mount Coolum when I heard a couple of guys running behind and catching up, this was unusual as I hadn’t had anyone previously keeping up the speed on the mountain.  When we met at the bottom I asked them what they were doing to run the mountain that fast. Besides the fact they were much younger they introduced the breathing method they were using.  I began a course of diligent study of  the Wim Hoff breathing and incorporated it in my morning routines.  Since then I not only studied breathwork as a sporting enhancement but also experimented and incorporated Daoism, yoga and the most current scientific breathwork research into my daily practices, with an exponentially increased sense of wellbeing and stamina.  My research and adoption of practices has led me to incorporate heart brain coherence as well in a coaching and transformational change capacity. 

I love that this helps clients have an immediate  experience of  intense exhilaration and the long term effects of heart brain coherence for increased mental capacity to deal with life's challenges. Combined with exceptionally transformational NeuroCoding language and processes this takes our change work to the quantum level.  Part of   Mind Matters dream is to continue combining the breathwork with the most powerful  mind transformational tools to exponentially impact learning and consciousness. Amplifying our impact to guide others into the lives of joy, success and meaning they really want to live is part of the initiative for Mind Matters combining these biohacks more fully in our work. 

If you are reading this than chances are you are looking for more out of life.  More joy, more abundance, more success?  I am here to help you.

Understanding the potential that lies within you and your ability to bring your deepest dreams into your experience is one of the many Mind Matters keys to success.  When do you want to start creating the life you love living?


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