The New Call

For this decade, Rex Urwin sounds out the best possibility open to all humans living -- being real, being in the zone of awareness, of doing and thinking in that zone. He calls us into account in his empathetic way, in the way of the guru and mind architect who has helped so many become themselves in this zone. 

Authenticity -- how do we define it? And why is it something we are in constant pursuit of? No one wants to be called untrue, dishonest, a pretender. In the process, many lose the way of honesty and truth. 

Following the path of one who found his truth and enlightenment in his transactions with the lost world of shamans and spiritual masters can be the way into a personal zone, probably another lost zone, a fact we will hardly care to admit, covered as we are with the tempests of the world.

Episode Highlights:

  • • Of successful business trends and how these impact our approach to audiences of all sorts.
  • • Of being with these trends so that you can tailor your perceptions and actions to fit them. 
  • • Rex, though, knows that our minds go deeper and tells us that “being real is what my heart wants to talk about.” 
  • • Weighing up on being authentic.
  • • Rex references Eckhart Tolle and how pretending distances the person from his being, how this circumstance is a pain body.
  • • The psychic pain body manifests into physical pain and people’s typical reaction to this. 
  • • Life as a performance of the emotion or feeling of being your owner of that life.
  • • Rex asks us, theoretically, how long and what does it take for us to decide when to become the real persons that we are.
  • • To play our real persons by being prepared -- something requiring learning through exercise and movement, change and pain. But are we prepared?
  • • Life as a risk in itself, and how people want to play safe and forget about living.
  • • A moment in memory, the gestalt experience,  that defines the awareness of life as a risk in a natural manner -- rowing upriver in Borneo with David Metcalf -- a poignant moment Rex jokingly calls “a backup list moment.”
  • • Reality check.
  • • Rex’s concluding advice: to stop hesitating and live your amazing day.
                                           Belief Identification

Your beliefs are your foundations for building confidence. In this audio, we will help you reference strong points and how to reshape your foundations for a confidence structure that is strong and lasting. 


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If you are holding back, if you've been holding back, if you're hesitating, if you're living a half life, then look in the mirror, then draw a line and go, you know what? Enough is enough. I compel you. Have an amazing day. - Rex Urwin   #beingreal #real #realitycheck #newyear #mindmatters #mindarchitect #authenticity #followme

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