Steve Mendl Interview - Transitioning Into Active Retirement

In this episode, Catherine chats with Steve Mendl, a Mind Matters client for several years now.

Steve has participated in a number of our NeuroCoding programs over the years. Apart from achieving great success in business and life, Steve has also reached a long-term goal to publish a book, which has since received Amazon Best Seller status.

He is an executive mentor and active retirement coach, founder of Next-Aging and Senior Consultant at Lee Hecht Harrison Australia/New Zealand.

He has over 25 years’ experience in training, educating, career transition, workforce transformation, and business improvement through effective leadership.

Steve’s work life journey began in public relations, marketing and then one day he found his role was made redundant. He used the opportunity to really think about what he wanted to do and went on to start a fashion label, become a teacher and a radio and music DJ.

He’s also the author of ‘Beyond The Money’, which looks at the mindset needed to transition from full-time work into the next stage of people’s lives.

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Listen to the podcast here or continue reading below. 

Episode highlights:

  • Steve’s background story - a degree in business and his first job in public relations marketing

  • Steve’s role being made redundant gave time to really think about what he wanted to do

  • Building his own fashion label in the 90’s

  • Going back to University to become a teacher in Australia and then moving to the UAE as a Business Economics teacher

  • Returning from the UAE as a radio and music DJ

  • Combining his two loves - learning development and teaching development and training and executive coaching

  • Steve’s thoughts on having the right mindset in business

  • How Steve created new direction

  • If time and money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?

  • Figuring out your likes and dislikes and creating your business around that - knowing where to spend your time and where to outsource work

  • Steve’s biggest obstacles over the years - over-analysing and staying focused

  • A look at Steve’s book, ‘Beyond The Money’  a practical guide for people moving out of full-time work and into the next stage in their lives,

  • Successful men need to mentally prepare to leave the workforce and move into the next stage of their lives

  • The tough times in Steve’s life that have shaped his learning and mindset in business

  • How being present has worked both for and against Steve

  • Steve’s opinion that ‘the clearer the vision, the more likely it is to happen’

  • Steve’s thoughts on Mind Matters and how we’ve helped him


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“If successful men don’t mentally prepare and get their ducks in a row when leaving the workforce full-time, they tend to struggle. We all handle change differently but there’s a pattern most people follow.” - Steve Mendl #MindMatters #Mindset

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