Overcoming Challenges In Business

Mind Matters’ Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin are a team with stellar credentials in both the academe and clinical or therapeutic fields related to their acclaimed NeuroCoding process. They have inspired so many to achieve mind strength, life balance, personal empowerment and a good life in every sense of the word. They constantly and consistently promote sustainable thinking in everyday life.

Overcoming Challenges In Business

Overcoming Challenges In Business

Jordan Cowan

The exciting impact that the Mind Matters Mindset Mastery has had on my world has not only been instrumental on my business success but also how I choose to spend my time with friends and family. I am now engaged to a gorgeous woman in every sense of the word. Getting your thoughts in line really does fast track your success. Don’t under value your thoughts and the incredible power of your mind.

Juliette Wright

This program is truly life changing. Not only did I meet my soul mate and build a wonderful life together, I gained the skills and NeuroCodes to make my dream a reality. The communication, leadership and mindset skills I built through Mind Matters have had an enormous impact on helping me create results even beyond my wildest imagination and I have recently been awarded Australia’s Local Hero at the Australia Day awards for my work.

Gillian Erskine

I joined Mind Matters NeuroCoding Mindset Mastery initially to improve my coaching skills to help my franchisees to really grow robust businesses. Not only did I find an amazing amount of valuable skills, information and tools which has had a profound effect on working with my clientele, I cleared deep blocks that I wasn’t even aware of and that has really opened up huge opportunities to expand my business internationally.