The Structure Of Beliefs And The World They Cause Each Of Us: Part 2

The Structure Of Beliefs And The World They Cause Each Of Us: Part 2

Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin

Following on from our last podcast on ‘The Structure Of Beliefs And The World They Cause Each Of Us’, in this episode Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly further develop the conversation to examine how, by combining your skills in imagining the life you truly want to live, 

with allowing your brilliant mind to create the neurology or the ‘inner road map’ to get you there, you can literally achieve or ‘think into being’ the quality of life and experiences of your dreams.

However, while thinking and dreaming about your ideal life may sound easy, there’s a real difference between wishing and creating such a high level of desire that positive action and outcomes are inevitable.

In Catherine’s words: “Some people will have a really good idea of what they want to create or experience, and they really wish it would happen and really want it to happen. I say that desire and the wishing for it to happen and the absolute knowing and belief that it can happen and that it will happen is very different to each other.”  

So, how do you move from wishing to conscious life creation and certainty?

As Rex highlights, “We need to create the inner imagery, the inner beliefs, the map. If we relate to creating the infrastructure, what we're really talking about in Mind Matters language is, we’re creating the neural pathways - which are a map. Once you start to hone in and think about, talk about, interact with and envisage something coming true, or creating something, you start to stimulate the neurology to do it. “

Rex also shares that “to get to the outcome, to be successful you need to form the map internally. So if you think of it in terms of getting from A to B and looking at the map and say, ‘Well, let's go from here to there. How long is it going to take? And where is it?’ And just relate to the neural pathways as a map. 

You must consider that there are previous maps that are already in action within a person.

So. Unless those maps are connected to getting into the territory that we're talking about to create a new desired outcome, then you're going to walk an old map unconsciously that actually doesn't have a destination like that outcome on it. 

And you start doing behaviors and creating action, but it's the wrong action.”

This podcast is loaded with gems of wisdom that we know you’ll love.

 So, if you’re ready to  

  • get serious about creating a more fulfilling and successful life
  • break through your own glass ceiling and access your greatest potential
  • learn the key tools to activate your neurology and create a new map leading towards a better future

then this podcast is for you!

Listen now to learn more

Key Takeaways from this podcast:

  • The key to creating a life of your own design is by starting with the concept or creation of that life in your first reality
  • When you create a strong inner reality, it will enable you to stay on track - even in the face of obstacles or challenges
  • When you’re wanting to create a new outcome, a new business or move from an employed position to creating a new operation or desired outcome you need to consider who do you need to become to achieve that outcome
  • If you want to experience a broader or more evolved level of experience, you need to evolve your way of thinking and way of perceiving the world and what you believe to be true.  You need to embody and become the person who actually attracts and creates the experiences you're wanting to achieve. 

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