The Structure Of Beliefs And The World They Cause Each Of Us

The Structure Of Beliefs And The World They Cause Each Of Us

Have you noticed that experiences from the past seem to recur time and time again? Is it simply a case of ‘Groundhog Day’ or could you potentially be re-creating those experiences because of long held beliefs which may or may not be true?

If this sounds all too familiar, then this podcast is for you.  

  • Are you living to your fullest potential?
  • Have you hit your ‘glass ceiling’? 
  • Are you ready to consider and transform your way of thinking and being in the world?
Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin

In this broadcast Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly speak openly about the way our beliefs can either help or hinder the creation of our life experiences and quality of the life we live.

In the podcast, Catherine shares an experience of witnessing a friend being suddenly ‘triggered’ because of another person's response to a situation - something her friend encountered regularly, normally with little or no effect. 

“She immediately freaked out, started screaming, jumped on the chair, freaking out like she was going to be eaten by a dinosaur. She had somehow triggered her whole limbic system and her fight and flight system into this frenzy. When in actuality there was nothing going on.”  - Catherine Connolly

Rex shares real life stories of overcoming adversity and the importance of changing your way of thinking, and it’s direct effect on our lives.

“The structure of the story we have inside seems to project itself like a filter. We look through it to interpret what's going on and then react or respond to the interpretation of what's going on. 

It seems to be triggered by the movie inside. "

Mind Movie

"So if that's true, and we believe it is, then the imagination is capable of creating all sorts of movies and all sorts of genres for individual beings. 

There's a person with the genre of a horror story. There's a genre of a drama, the genre of a ‘boring Groundhog day’ or ‘war and peace’. ‘The comedy’ and ‘the failure to success’.  'The King, the Queen’. The King has his castle and he builds this huge empire - and these realities are all these different models. And they all seem to be able, through the imagined reality within, influence how we interpret what appears to be so. 

So, if that's true, then we need to look at cultivating and managing that imagination to get it to some sort of proactive structure and the genre that is appealing.”  - Rex Urwin

Key Takeaways from this podcast:

  • A belief, be it positive or negative, proactive or limiting, becomes defined in our neural pathways and becomes our structure and habituated way of thinking
  • Our life and our experiences are based on a decision that we made, to believe, to decide that something someone says - or that we thought - is true
  • By changing your beliefs, the whole world in time transforms accordingly
  • Changing your beliefs opens up all sorts of possibilities, a whole range of different behaviours and options become available, which can transform lives, businesses, work, cultures, bank accounts

Listen now to learn more

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  • Are you ready to level up?
  • Are you ready to move away from current self limiting operating structures and beliefs?
  • Is your self talk supportive or is it time to change and grow and create a life of your own design?

As Rex says in this podcast, “Sometimes people have created limiting things because of something unpleasant that happened that they weren't even in control of.  They were innocent or young, and yet they've taken on a structure that's warped their thinking about who they really are because of an incident or a series of incidents. 

It's not actually in their current world, but they're still living as if it is.”

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