Interview With Tony Robertson - The Power Of Mindfulness To A Business Owner

“We are our own worst enemies.” But what does that mean for a business owner?

Doubting your abilities will never be conducive to success. As a small to medium business owner, a lot can come from learning to be still in the storm, as our guest in this episode found out.

Tony Robertson is the founder of Brisbane Tank Manufacturing (BTM), a producer of stainless steel products for the dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical and food processing industries across Australia.

His business story began when he started work as an apprentice technician and, after meeting the love of his life, strived for more. After completing an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, he went into the administration side of things and learned more about drafting, engineering and procurement.

In this episode, Tony shares his secrets for everyday business success, including learning to be mindful, listening to his emotions and learning from past mistakes to reach his goals.

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Listen to the podcast here or continue reading below.

Episode highlights:

  • What Tony’s company does - specialises in the manufacturing of stainless steel products for the dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical and food processing industries

  • A bit about Tony’s background - started as a sheet metal worker building tanks

  • Why Tony started his own business - wanted more

  • What it means to be a business owner and what Tony found difficult at first - learning to manage people, manage cash flow and payroll

  • How and why Tony came across Mind Matters - wanted to learn from his mistakes

  • Mistakes are learnings

  • Dealing with the ups and downs of being a small business owner

  • Managing your emotions as a business owners - making sure your mindset is right

  • Planning for today and tomorrow and not getting too comfortable as a business owner

  • Tony’s goal setting - making mindfulness a goal

  • Dealing with unexpected obstacles after returning from holiday in Europe

  • What Tony would tell his younger self - listen to your emotions

  • We are our own worst enemy

  • What 2019 looks like for Tony and his business


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“We are our own worst enemy; we hold ourselves back from pushing further. Believe in yourself and you’ll kick the goals.” - Tony Robertson #MindMatters #Business #Motivation

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