Understanding Self Mastery with Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly

Understanding Self Mastery with Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly

In this podcast, Rex Urwin and Catherine Connolly, describe and explain how we can learn to identify and self-master change in our everyday lives. 


Self-mastery is often defined as self-control. To be the master of one’s self is to fully understand who you are.

Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin


We may notice that we, our relationships, our business, even our physiology and body is in a constant state of flux. This constant change of our environments is a part of the natural flow. 

“The only thing that seems to be constant, is change itself” - Catherine Connolly. 

Nature is always changing and adapting, and is providing us with hints to these changes. Seasonally, we can predict the change through aspects of the environment adjusting, for example the change in colour of the leaves and then falling to the ground; we recognise and can predict this as moving from summer into autumn.

We have learnt from this change that we need to adapt to the different aspects within the environment; wearing more layers, harvesting food, and understanding the changes in other aspects of life which come from this one change.

If we pay attention to these changes and the annoyance of change, we can prepare for it. When we’ve become skillful at pattern recognition, we can be ready in all aspects of life and relationships.  It can be very empowering, learning to adapt and adopting change. 


Breathing is constant, and we only recognise it when there is a change in pattern, or when observing. Breathing from your gut is deeper and more engaging, whereas breathing from your upper body is shallower and supports panic and fear based responses. 

When we are aware of a change in the pattern of breath we can learn to manage it; breathing longer and deeper to calm us. 


Changing the pattern changes our emotional state. Conscious breathing engages our body into a calm state, and brings us into the present. 

The level of anxiety within our society is escalating, and one way to help with that is breath work and providing mental clarity through conscious breathing, this in turn will change our responses.

Something different, like Covid is a big one, but any small change or something out of the ordinary tends to naturally invoke our survival instinct.

It's just part of what the brain does. Be able to have a look, notice the pattern and then reconnect to our breath so that we can start to think clearly and work out the most effective response. 

Think: What is it that's going on? What's the pattern? What do I need to do? And become flexible rather than get scared.


There is often an element of not knowing or understanding situations and concepts, and we can be fearful of admitting that we don't know or aren't okay. In a situation of leadership or unknown we  may fear being vulnerable. We learn very quickly not to ask or put ourselves into positions of unknown, and that is evident from childhood into adulthood.

We have worked with people in high leadership positions, CEO’s, leaders, managers, who do not want to show their team members that they are unsure because they do not want to appear stupid or silly. But, that's why you've got teams. Everyone's got their skills and their benefits. 

Growing greatness is being willing to be open and curious and take yourself off the thinking that you do need to know everything,  that you always actually know what to dobecause we're in a constantly changing environment and business world. 

If we're able to come off that and be willing to be vulnerable, humble, curious, and think ‘let me look at what's going on’, it will allow us to open and recognize different patterns and therefore open up possibilities, innovation, and successful proactivity.

Ask yourself: What is possible?

Key Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Understanding pattern recognition
  • Instead of complaining about change, identify and learn to adapt to it
  • Using breath work to assist us in self-mastery
  • It’s not about having the answer, but being willing to find the answer 
  • Understanding the value of teams & how to empower not knowing through the engagement of others

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