Understanding Your Authentic Self

Understanding Your Authentic Self

Have you ever met people that you’ve either instantly clicked with or perhaps experienced instant feelings of discord? Have you perhaps wondered what makes your partner, kids or colleagues ‘tick’ and why they seem to see the world from a completely different perspective?

While you may have previously dived into your own personality type, do you know your AusIdentity? And the AusIdentity of those around you?

Michael White - AusIdentity

In this podcast hosted by Catherine Connolly, Catherine speaks with trainer, motivational speaker and the creator of AusIDentities, Michael White, who is shining a light on the importance of understanding your ‘Home Base’.

AusIdentities is an Australian based profiling tool designed to help you understand your different values and core needs, laying the foundation for more harmonious relationships and enabling you to make better informed choices for your future.

Created in 2005, AusIDentities was originally developed for use with disengaged youth students, whom through profiling, were able to reconnect to their innate strengths, values and core needs.

Since then, the program has been delivered to thousands of young people, from primary school to university students, and over 20,000 Australian teachers, many of whom now use the tool to profile their own classes. 

In this podcast, Michael discusses his process of creation: from the ‘perfect storm’ of intense personal life challenges to following a passion for youth mental health and NLP, becoming - in his words - an ‘accidental Businessman.’


“I became a lifeline and a suicide prevention counsellor during my time in hospitality. I always had a leaning that way. And of course, I've known you [Catherine] since the early days of when I started playing around with Mind Matters and becoming an NLP practitioner myself.  All the time, I'm thinking, why isn't this stuff taught at school? Why am I not sharing this with our young people? Because it would help them so much in life.”

From small beginnings working with disengaged youth came a big project, making a huge impact in people's lives. 

“So now I’m the author of 5 books: One is about using personality types in schools and others are about personality types in the family and others personality types in the workplace. Another one is personality types and raising children, especially young children. And another one is just an overview of how I got into this work in the first place and the incredible impact that it's had on me. So it's morphed into something that I never really understood was possible from the outset. That's why I call myself the ‘accidental businessman’ because I had no idea what I was starting!”

In this podcast, Catherine and Michael, discuss the benefits of understanding your own unique personality preference, working with purposeful intention, authenticity and functioning from your ‘true type’ or as Michael calls it - ‘Home Base’ - and it’s potential for leading you to living and leading from your strengths.

Key Takeaways from this podcast:

  • Consider exploring the power personality preference plays in your family, team or business and when making leadership decisions.
  • Every personality has a shadow or stress point that is activated under particular circumstances.
  • Everyone views the world from their unique perspective.
  • Make time to ponder or ‘dream’ around solutions to allow the right answer to emerge, in the right time frame for you.
  • Life and time are beautiful educators .
  • Start and end your day in your ‘home base’ of personality preference to help relieve stress and meet your own values and needs
  • Take the time to find meaning between one work project and the next.
  • Use ‘the pause’ to reflect and see if your outcomes are a true reflection of what you intended.
  • Become aware that the real answers in life lie inside us - not ‘out there’.
  • Make self awareness a valuable commodity.

  • Acting under stress is not a true reflection of anyone’s capacity and skill.
  • Take into consideration the stresses people are under before making overall performance judgements a permanent reflection of ability.
  • “It's essential that we understand who each other is within a team, within a family. So we're not pushing each other's buttons deliberately. We're not expecting the same response from those people, as ours would be. How can we support one another through these challenging times?” 

    • - Michael White

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As Michael says:  "Too many people are acting from stress, which is their shadow part of their personality. Know who you are, refocus, pause and you’ll bounce back quicker."

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Understanding your authentic self

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